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Nick Kartechner, Kartechner Brothers, LLC

Above: Nick Kartechner. - Kartechner Brothers LLC - Waupun.

"Our choice was to work with a bank that understands our business, learned about our needs and knows us by name.”        - Nick Kartechner, Kartechner Brothers LLC

Kartechner Brothers has been banking with Markesan State Bank since the agricultural drainage tile business was founded. The company uses MSB for checking, commercial loans and for the company's health savings accounts.

All three Kartechner brothers, Mike, Dave and Nick, were born and raised in Waupun having all attended the Central Wisconsin Christian School. Mike and Dave started the business in 2010 and Nick, the youngest Kartechner, joined the company in early 2017. "I worked for my brothers during the summer while I attended college and now I'm full time with the firm," said Nick.

According to Nick, the advantages for farmers to install drain tiles are many. "Besides the obvious benefit of a tax deduction for installing and maintaining drain tiles, grain farmers can improve yields from 10%-60% across a field. What's more, when they have proper drainage, farmers can minimize the need to farm around wet spots that can reduce efficiency. Other advantages of improved drainage include less plant disease, more consistent yields, earlier planting, improved harvesting conditions and less wear on equipment to name a few.

“Our busiest times for installing drain tiles are in the spring after the thaw and before planting (March - May), and in the fall after the harvest and into January when the frost is too deep,” said Nick. “To balance out our seasonal work load, Kartechner Brothers is expanding our services to include general excavation and road projects. We also help farmers with improvements such as land clearing, shredding trees/mulch, maintaining fence lines and cleaning out ditches”.

Nick likes the convenience of MSB's online banking because he can easily keep track of accounts and verify when receivables have cleared. Nick also says that nothing seems to slide by MSB, "Everyone knows my name and they make it easy to bank with them. Truth be told, it's rather uneventful – which is a good thing.”

Markesan State Bank has been providing both personal and business banking services since 1891. If you're not already a customer, get to know us – you'll be glad you did!

Kartechner Brothers LLC, is a family owned and operated company. For more information about Kartechner Brothers LLC, visit their website at: