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Denise's Cafe

Above: Denise Fischer - Denise's Cafe - Randolph, Wisconsin.

"My choice was to choose a bank that was as easy to work with and was as local and homegrown as the ingredients I use in my Cafe."        – Denise Fischer, Denise's Cafe

Denise's Cafe has been serving home cooking to the Randolph area since 1986 and has been with Markesan State Bank since moving to Stark Street in 1990. Denise's Cafe uses MSB for checking, a line of credit and a savings account.

Opening at 4:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday, Denise's Cafe is the place to be in the morning if you're in Randolph, Wisconsin. As visible in the old Wandreis Cafe photo hanging on Denise's wall, it's "Where the Elite Meet to Eat." Specializing in home cooking and catering, Denise, as the owner, strives to meet the needs of the local community. "I grew up in Randolph and staying connected to the people in the area is important to me," said Denise.

Denise's Cafe is known for its generous portions, fish fry and old fashioned milk shakes served with the metal container on the side. But, without a doubt, Denise is famous for her homemade pies including banana cream, lemon meringue and rhubarb. She emphasized her commitment to local, fresh ingredients in a disaster story, "In the flood of 2004, I lost my refrigerator, ice machine and freezer. The bank quickly helped me replace my appliances, yet unfortunately, they could not help with the loss of my fresh cut frozen rhubarb. That was heartbreaking."

Denise shared that when it comes to banking she is really low tech, "My business is cash. No credit cards. And, whereas it's nice that MSB has online banking, I don't use it. With anything business related, I just call the bank when I have a question or need a service. The fact that I can speak to a live person, a person I know, is a connection that I truly value.”

“The people at MSB are top notch,” continued Denise. “They're connected to the community and understand the needs of a small business like mine. In 1990, I took my business plan to MSB when they opened their Randolph branch. They believed in my vision of moving my Cafe into the old Wandreis Cafe location and I’ve been with them ever since. For the last 28 years they've been the perfect bank to have working for me. They are awesome!"

Markesan State Bank has been providing both personal and business banking services since 1891. If you're not already a customer, get to know us – you'll be glad you did!