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On January 10, 2014, as part of Target’s ongoing investigation, it has been determined that certain guest information -- separate from the payment card data previously disclosed -- was taken during the data breach.

This theft is not a new breach, but was uncovered as part of the ongoing investigation. At this time, the investigation has determined that the stolen information includes names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for up to 70 million individuals. 

With that being said, the Markesan State Bank would like to remind you of tips to protect yourself from scams.

  • Never give out your personal financial information over the phone or the computer, unless you were the one to make first contact.  The Markesan State Bank will never call, text or e-mail, and ask you to “verify” your financial information.

  • Don’t respond to messages that ask for your personal or financial information, whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text message, or an ad. Don’t click on links in the message (even if the email looks legitimate), and do not call phone numbers that are left on your answering machine, either. If you get a message and are concerned about your account status, visit the website directly, do not click on the link found in the email, or call the number on your credit or debit card and check it out.

  • Check your credit card and bank account statements regularly and look for unauthorized charges, even small ones.  Report these discrepancies immediately.

  • If you do respond to a fraudulent e-mail, contact the Markesan State Bank immediately so we can help protect your account and identity.

  • If an email references a telephone number that you suspect to be related to a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) scam, please report the number to your local federal law enforcement agency. Most agencies now have cyber threat units that are well versed in investigating these claims.